July 31, 2021

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A Security Cost Modelling Framework for Cyber-Physical Systems. (arXiv:2107.07784v1 [cs.CR])

Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS) are formed through interconnected components
capable of computation, communication, sensing and changing the physical world.
The development of these systems poses a significant challenge since they have
to be designed in a way to ensure cyber-security without impacting their
performance. This article presents the Security Cost Modelling Framework (SCMF)
and shows supported by an experimental study how it can be used to measure,
normalise and aggregate the overall performance of a CPS. Unlike previous
studies, our approach uses different metrics to measure the overall performance
of a CPS and provides a methodology for normalising the measurement results of
different units to a common Cost Unit. Moreover, we show how the Security Costs
can be extracted from the overall performance measurements which allows to
quantify the overhead imposed by performing security-related tasks.
Furthermore, we describe the architecture of our experimental testbed and
demonstrate the applicability of SCMF in an experimental study. Our results
show that measuring the overall performance and extracting the security costs
using SCMF can serve as basis to redesign interactions to achieve the same
overall goal at less costs.