July 31, 2021

Malware Protection

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RDP exploitation. More on the Facebook breach. Google and content moderation. Reaper Group stayed busy even after US-DPRK summit. Spyware in Canada. Hacking an airport.

In today’s podcast we hear that the US FBI and DHS warn that RDP exploitation is up. Facebook’s breach exhibits the tension between swift disclosure and sound incident response. A look at slow-rolled disclosure. Google draws criticism for some content it hosts. North Korea’s Reaper Group never missed a beat. Citizen Lab says Saudi Arabia is spying on at least one prominent dissident who’s a permanent resident in Canada. Nepal’s airport is hacked, apparently for the lulz. Joe Carrigan from JHU ISI on Android password managers being vulnerable to malicious apps. Guest is Robb Reck from Ping Identity on recently published white papers from the CISO Advisory Council.

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