August 4, 2021

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BrandPost: Oracle Cloud VMware Solution—Ready for Today’s Operational Mission

Government agencies fully understand that migrating to the cloud can be challenging. As with many commercial businesses, agency IT leaders also have to manage process disruptions, unexpected costs, integration issues, security and compliance requirements, and change management realities.

As cloud technology gains wider acceptance as part of the federal Cloud Smart strategy, there’s a clear demand for expertise and capability to help agencies more easily make the move with security, costs, and performance in mind.

Oracle and VMware recently teamed on a FedRAMP High, DISA Impact Level 5 certified solution that can help government now by providing a full-fidelity VMware experience. A government agency’s on-premises VMware environment may be migrated to the Oracle Cloud VMware Solution without any changes and with immediate productivity on a cloud platform. The two companies discussed their advances and alliance during a recent technology panel webinar.

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