September 18, 2021

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HashiCorp’s Armon Dadgar on Zero Trust Security

I spoke with Armon Dadgar, Co-Founder and CTO of HashiCorp, about why “castle and moat” is outdated. We spoke about security in the cloud era, and discussed the future of cybersecurity in a multicloud world.

Among the points we covered:

  • After several years of cloud evolution, it is now far safer than legacy systems – why is this true?
  • Let’s talk about why some of the traditional principles for security are getting out-moded. There’s the classic “castle and moat” approach, which is a single “choke point.” Why doesn’t that work like it used to?
  • We hear the term “zero trust” a lot these days – why is it suddenly so much in the spotlight?
  • What about containers and security? What are the special concerns there?
  • What’s your sense of the future of cybersecurity in the multicloud world? What trends would you predict?

Listen to the podcast:

Watch the video:


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