August 4, 2021

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Together Price Helps Strangers Share Subscription Passwords

Together Price Helps Strangers Share Subscription Passwords
An anonymous reader shares a report: Earlier this week, I bought a month of Starz for a fraction of its typical asking price. Instead of paying $9 per month, I paid $3.24. Then I added a subscription to Spotify for $3.49, and a Disney Plus subscription for just $3. All told, my bill comes to about $10 per month for $28 worth of services. Those cut-rate subscriptions come courtesy of Together Price, a service that lets people rent out access to a share of their digital subscriptions. In exchange for a cut of each transaction, Together Price essentially serves as a marketplace for organized password sharing. The service, which started five years ago in Europe and has 80,000 paying customers, just launched in the U.S. last week.

While Together Price isn’t the first service to make password sharing easier, it’s definitely the most brazen. Still, CEO Marco Taddei insists that the service is legal and that it technically honors each subscription’s terms of use. He also believes the service is helping companies retain users that they’d otherwise lose. “We are targeting the very specific audience that needs to share,” he says. “If [subscription providers] are not going to allow them do so so, they are going to drop the subscriptions.” After signing up for Together Price, you can browse a “network” of users offering to share their subscriptions. Most major streaming video and music services are available, including Netflix, Spotify, Disney Plus, HBO Max, and Hulu, but sharing isn’t limited to media. Some users are also peddling subscriptions to software tools such as Canva Pro and Surfshark VPN, and the site lets you set up custom subscriptions for pretty much anything by listing the service name, price, and sharing rules. For each service, you send a request to the subscription owner and submit credit card information to Together Price. Once the owner accepts the request, Together Price processes the payment, and you’re allowed into a group where you can view login details and chat with the other members.

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