September 18, 2021

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Leadership – Best Practices for remote negotiations July 2021

The Harvard Business shares effective new tactics to better work remotely based on changes caused by the pandemic. 

9 Tactics for Better Remote Negotiations (

COVID-19 has changed the way companies should negotiate. Today all traditional deal terms are up for grabs and it behooves negotiators to carefully reevaluate their assumptions, assess their industries, prioritize their asks, and involve key stakeholders more deeply than ever before. Success also depends on understanding how to negotiate virtually, since many negotiations will continue to be performed remotely even after pandemic restrictions have receded.

Putting the New Tools to Work — Critically, today’s negotiators also need to use online tools effectively to take advantage of this moment. Here is our advice for enhancing your negotiation prowess in the digital domain:

1. Assemble a detailed agenda.
2. Schedule shorter, more frequent meetings.
3. Test-drive remote video technology.
4. Start with a personal check-in.
5. Consider privacy.
6. Create breakout rooms during breaks.
7. Send a summary of the session.