September 25, 2021

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Harvard Professor Begins New Search For Alien Spaceships in Our Skies

Harvard Professor Begins New Search For Alien Spaceships in Our Skies
Harvard’s controversial astronomer Avi Loeb is leading a new initiative, dubbed the Galileo Project, to check Earth’s skies and the rest of the solar system for signs of extraterrestrial intelligence. From a report: The longtime astronomy professor, who became well-known for his belief that interstellar object Oumuamua was likely an alien probe, announced the details of his plan via a virtual press conference Monday. Officially, the initiative is described as “a transparent scientific project to advance a systematic experimental search for cross-validated evidence of potential astro-archaeological artifacts or active technical equipment made by putative existing or extinct extraterrestrial technological civilizations (ETCs).”

Translation: The plan is to use a variety of telescopes to look for alien spaceships, probes or other debris left behind by intelligent beings who weren’t born on Earth. “What we see in our sky is not something that politicians or military personnel should interpret because they were not trained as scientists,” Loeb told reporters. “It’s for the science community to figure out… based on non-governmental data that we will assemble as scientists.” The first phase of the project involves setting up a network of dozens of relatively small telescopes around the globe that will attempt to capture new images of unidentified aerial phenomena (UAP, the newly favored and more inclusive acronym designed to replace “UFOs”).

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