September 28, 2021

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A Privacy-Preserving Logistics Information System with Traceability. (arXiv:2109.05216v1 [cs.CR])

Logistics Information System (LIS) is an interactive system that provides
information for logistics managers to monitor and track logistics business. In
recent years, with the rise of online shopping, LIS is becoming increasingly
important. However, since the lack of effective protection of personal
information, privacy protection issue has become the most problem concerned by
users. Some data breach events in LIS released users’ personal information,
including address, phone number, transaction details, etc. In this paper, to
protect users’ privacy in LIS, a privacy-preserving LIS with traceability
(PPLIST) is proposed by combining multi-signature with pseudonym. In our PPLIST
scheme, to protect privacy, each user can generate and use different pseudonyms
in different logistics services. The processing of one logistics is recorded
and unforgeable. Additionally, if the logistics information is abnormal, a
trace party can de-anonymize users, and find their real identities. Therefore,
our PPLIST efficiently balances the relationship between privacy and